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Creating Accounts

  • QUESTION: Should all individuals who are going to do work in the NJCAA Connect system have a unique account for themselves?
  • ANSWER: Yes, all users in the Connect system must have an account. 
  • QUESTION: When the College President has designated another individual in the member college to be the designee for signing LOIs in place of the President, what permission should be given to that person?
  • ANSWER: A presidential designee should be given the role of President.  When setting up their account you should enter their official title but give them the permissions/role of the President.
  • QUESTION: When creating a student’s account, what password should I assign them?
  • ANSWER: It is your choice. It must be a minimum of seven charters using both numbers and letters. The password should be given to the student and then they should update the password to the password of their choice.

Student-Athlete Eligibility

  • QUESTION: What should I select “Original” and when should I select “Supplemental” when setting up an eligibility submission?
  • ANSWER: All submissions prior to the first official contest of the season should be marked as “Original”. Any and all submissions after the first official contest of the season should be marked as “Supplemental”.
  • QUESTION: How will I know if a student-athlete has signed their eligibility?
  • ANSWER:  The Athletic Director will receive a notification when the student-athlete has signed their eligibility.
  • QUESTION: Does the Registrar no longer have to sign the eligibility form?
  • ANSWER: in the new requirements, there is no national bylaw requirement for the Registrar or other similar college personnel to sign the eligibility form. If, the member institution chooses, in their process, to have additional signatures as part of their institutional process, I suggest printing off the submitted eligibility roster and have the additional college personnel review and sign. The college would retain this form in their files.
  • QUESTION:  When will eligibility be considered to have been submitted?
  • ANSWER: Eligibility is considered to be submitted when signed off on by the Athletic Director in the online NJCAA Connect system.
  • QUESTION: When is a student-athlete eligible to participate in official games?
  • ANSWER: A student-athlete is eligible to participate in official games with an NJCAA member college once they have been submitted in the NJCAA Connect online eligibility system and they have a valid physical on file. 
  • QUESTION: Are eligibility documents required to be uploaded into the Connect system when certifying eligibility?
  • ANSWER:  For the 2019-2020 academic year, uploading eligibility documents into the Connect system is optional. 
  • QUESTION: What documents can be uploaded into the Connect system when certifying eligibility?
  • ANSWER:  Copy of official high school transcript, copy of official transcripts for all college work,  and student course schedule with start and end dates.
  • QUESTION: How do you upload multiple college transcripts for the same student-athlete?
  • ANSWER:  In the case where you need to upload multiple college transcripts for a student-athlete, the transcripts should be combined into a single file and then uploaded as one document.
  • QUESTION: What should I do with the remaining documents that have been collected to certify a student’s eligibility and are required if audited?
  • ANSWER: All documents which have been collected to certify a student’s eligibility should be maintained at the member college and be available should the college be selected for audit. 
  • QUESTION: Is the physical exam date required to be entered in the Connect system when completing a student-athletes eligibility?
  • ANSWER:  No, the physical exam date is no longer entered in the Connect eligibility system. Member colleges must track that information within their own institution. 
  • QUESTION:  What is the deadline for the Athletic Director to sign the eligibility form?
  • ANSWER:  The Athletic Director should sign the eligibility form once all the student-athletes have been entered. When the Athletic Director signs the eligibility form, the form is considered to have been submitted. 

Letters of Intent

  • QUESTION: Are Letters of Intent (LOI) completed in the Connect system?
  • ANSWER: For the 2019-2020 academic year, all Letters of Intent will be completed in the MVP system. Effective with the 2020-2021 academic year, LOIs will be completed in the NJCAA Connect system. 


  • QUESTION: Who do I contact if I have a question about Connect?
  • ANSWER:  Send all questions regarding anything in the NJCAA Connect system to
  • QUESTION: One of our sports are missing in the divisional commitment section. How do we update this?
  •  ANSWER: If you see that a sport is missing from your college account which was identified on the most recent divisional commitment, you should reach out to the NJCAA National Office through the website and communicate what is missing. Staff will check your most recent divisional commitment on file and either add the sport or advise you on the next required steps.  
  • QUESTION: Why am I not receiving e-mails from the NJCAA?
  • ANSWER: Oftentimes, e-mails sent to a large audience may automatically go to your junk or spam folder. To avoid this, add the e-mail address below to your address book or safe senders list:
    • Also, work with your campus' IT Department to ensure that has been whitelisted, which will allow for communications from the National Office to be delivered.



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